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The Overlook Drive-In


Not much here but some raiders and a nice view from in back of the projection screen looking over Tenpenny Tower to the west.

Noteable Loot编辑


  • This is a popular location for suicide bombing. First, save your game. Then, all you have to do is get within a close to medium range of the drive-in, pull out a Nuka Grenade and run in. Then you throw the grenade into a gap between two cars while avoiding fire from the raiders, jump up on a car and watch as your corpse is thrown a massive distance into the air. The raiders and the guard dog will undoubtedly be killed in the immense resulting explosion. make sure to take off your armor first to avoid surviving the explosion.
  • There is a small chance that Allistair Tenpenny may shoot a car during one of his "wasteland safaris", taking out the raiders, mines, and any other nearby vehicles.
  • There are a number of mines you can harvest along the road leading into the Drive-In.
  • There is a Raider base in the caverns north of the Drive-In: Cliffside Cavern. One entrance is to the north, in a dip in the ground, with a hard locked door; the main entrance is to the west in the straight direction of Tenpenny Tower, not locked at all - but probably guarded.


Firing at the cars with a laser pistol caused a Raider to fly into the air his body bounced around with his limbs streching and twisting 30 to 40 feet in all directions. He would occasionally come back down wreaking havoc on the rubble. Did not dissapear till Fast traveled away and back. (PS3+360 Confirmed)


A youtube video about the Overlook Drive-In.