The Shocker

The Shocker is an unarmed weapon in Fallout 3. It is a unique variant of the Power Fist which deals added electric damage to robots.


The Shocker is a sort of civilian device, as noted by the Shocker Glove holotape, but what it was meant to do or be is never explained. It is especially effective in combat against robotic enemies, dealing nearly double bonus damage, and causing a visual electrical effect similar to that left by Pulse Grenades or Mines, or other weapons that deal electrical damage.


The Shocker is found, complete with holotaped instructions, at the end of the Flooded Metro west of Arlington Library, opposite a large ruined traffic pile-up. The player will have to fight through many Mirelurks, at higher levels the majority of these are Mirelurk Kings, and wade through some irradiated water to access the room. The room itself is booby trapped with a Rigged Shotgun.


The Shocker only appears in Fallout 3.


  • The Shocker is referenced in the holotaped instructions to be an unstable, prototype weapon, though none of the possible faults manifest in-game.



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