The Tenderizer

The Tenderizer is a unique sledgehammer found in Fallout 3. Given its name, ability, and location (a Mirelurk butchery), it is likely this weapon was originally used for literally tenderizing Mirelurks.


Located in Anchorage Memorial in the utility room with the broken door. The door can be fixed by finding the Door Component, but note that you need a Lockpick or Science level of 50 to be able to open the safe in which the door component is stored in the top level of the building. (You can look behind the Nuka-Cola dispenser to obtain the passcode for the computer in the same room, which will then allow you to unlock the safe.) A Repair skill of 35 or higher is required to fix the door with the help of the component. Without the component a repair skill of 95 is required.


File:The Tenderizer Effect.png
  • You can repair The Tenderizer with other Sledgehammers.
  • The Tenderizer was meant to have an effect which damages enemy armor on each hit by 5 points. However, for some reason its Object Effect is actually missing from the weapon itself, so The Tenderizer does not have any additional bonus. On PC, one can fix this with the G.E.C.K. (The Tenderizer's Object Effect, known as EnchWeapUniqueTenderizer is there in the Object Effect list, it just isn't selected for The Tenderizer).


File:Fallout 3 The Tenderizer & The Secret Stash

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