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VAPL-58 Power Station


The VAPL-58 Power Station is a set of fenced-in power lines and transformers next to a Power Substation, located South-South-West of Arefu, west of Vault 106. The substation here is the only in the game where you have access to the roof. The transmission line remaining tore down a hole in fences, making it possible for players to exit power station without going through the gate.

Notable loot 编辑


  • The 1st Keller Family Transcript is to the north of the Power Station, three towers away in a boarded up area at the base of the tower. There is a locked foot locker (very hard), containing a Pre-War Book and a Mini Nuke. However, depending on level, there can be anywhere from 2 to 3 Ghoul Wastelanders here. They are immediately hostile and one will run for the Assault Rifle on the bookshelf with the footlocker should the player not kill them fast enough.
  • Just a short walk South of the station (on the map: one-and-a-half grids due East of Fort Bannister) is a large irradiated crater with an overturned military truck with lots of Alien Power Cells. In a small Merc camp on the North edge of the crater are a locked personal footlocker and a safe (both rated easy), both with random loot. (There are many small irradiated craters in the area, one with an overturned truck in water, but this is in a very large, dry crater.)



  • The mercenary bodies may be vibrating in place, causing an irritating thumping noise when you walk in the substation, you can stop this by blasting the bodies away to scraps.
  • As well it has been noted that when you about to pick up the 30 Handy flamethrower recipes skill book it will fall into the roof and no way of reclaiming it (Confirmed for PS3).