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Abernathy Metro station
VE Takoma Park loc
区域: 阿伯内西地铁站
出口 弗農廣場東
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Metro VE Takoma Park loc map

Vernon East/Takoma Park is a tunnel in the partly caved in old Metro. It gives a route from Vernon Square to Takoma Park. This tunnel is very long and windy. Its Vernon Square East entrance can be reached from the Vernon Square side by traversing the radioactive ground above the sewer (skirt the edges of the rubble aiming for the corner that stands in the NE.

Though the Local Map calls this area Vernon East/Takoma Park, the writing on the wall indicates that this is Abernathy Station, which is shown on the DCTA Metro Map. This means it is part of the White line. That map shows Vernon Square station to the west, then a station called "Becton" before the Abernathy station. The location of the Becton station is unknown.

  • No, it isn't. Signs at Vernon Square Station indicates that the tunnels on the right lead to Becton station. However, these tunnels are marked as "Metro Junction" and lead to this station. This could mean that the Metro Junction station is actually the Becton station.

Video Guide to Vernon East & Takoma Park


Notable Loot编辑

Note: To get to (B), go down the escalator(s) and turn left and then turn left again. Go West on/along the Metro tracks toward what looks like a dead end. Use caution as the tracks will have Frag Mines along the way and then a trap (pressure plate) near the end. At the end, take a left into hideout. Inside there there you will find a Nuka-Cola machine and some beds. Good luck sleeping with that irritating drizzle of water sound.


  • At the Takoma Station there is a large pile of rubble due to a tunnel collapse in the station area (in place of the normal overhead walkway). This rubble reaches the ceiling most of the way along, however it CAN be jumped over. Just be warned that once over it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out. The exception to this is of course for PC players, who can use the toggle collision command tcl to get out.