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Vernon Square

Vernon Square is a section of Washington, DC. Reilly's Rangers (quest) are trapped here, and the Vault-Tec Headquarters are located here as well.

Points of Interest编辑

  • Our Lady of Hope Hospital
  • Statesman Hotel
  • Vault-Tec Headquarters
  • A small radioactive (2 rad/sec peak) sewer used as a base by the Super Mutants.
    • Outside of the sewer entrance is a radioactive crater with a wrecked Delta IX rocket in the center. The rocket is the probable source of the radiation, as the rads peak at 43 rad/sec near the rocket's severed nose cone.
    • To ease in entering the sewers, there is a Pulowski Preservation Shelter next to the subway entrance with a radiation suit inside.
  • An old pre-war cinema still stands around the radioactive crash site. The cinema depicts, among others, an advertisement for the movie "P.S. I Hate You".

Notable loot编辑

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine on the shelves in the radioactive Sewer.
  • A Stealth Boy as well as a Scoped .44 Magnum on the other shelves, in the Sewer.
  • Dean's Electronics in the Sewer Entrance, northwest of the radioactive Sewer. This can be tough to find. It's in an alleyway with a Nuka-Cola machine (the alleyway is a potential Talon Company / Regulators spawnpoint), at the very end behind a car (and appears only to be part of the rubble from alley entrance). It's in the Average locked door about halfway in, on a table next to some glue and a conductor. There's also a good supply of radiation chems in here.
  • Aforementioned Radiation Suit can be located in the Pulowski Preservation Shelter in the southwest.


Butcher of Reilly's Rangers has this to say about the area:

There's something about this area. I can't put my finger on it, but just like the Mall, there is an unusually high concentration of Super Mutants.

If I had the time and resources, I'd investigate.

Reilly tells you this:

If I wasn't asking for your help, I'd tell you to stay away. It's thick with Super Mutants. I don't know why.

Butcher, our team medic, has always suspected something is in the area they are looking for or being attracted to. The only place worse I can think of is the Mall.

The Super Mutants are most likely attracted by the heavy radiation surrounding the crashed Delta IX rocket in the area, or possibly they are searching for the Vault-Tec Headquarters, in order to find purestrain humans to inject with FEV.

Occasionally, Super Mutants will respawn if one lingers for some time.

Bugs 编辑

  • A possible bug is that followers will not enter the sewer (Confirmed with Fawkes Xbox 360).
  • When exiting the sewer located at the bottom of the rocket crater, Fawkes may get stuck in the area right at the very bottom of the stairs next to the sewer entrance and will run in place or back into the sewer. This can be fixed if the player manunally pushes him up the stairs and out of the crater. Be warned though if you don't have a Radiation Suit or many Rad-X or RadAway you may succumb quickly to radiation poisoning. (Confirmed on PS3)