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WKML Broadcast Station

WKML Broadcast Station is located in the North-West of the Capital Wasteland, situated South of Fort Constantine, North of Faded Pomp Estates, North-West of Silver Lining Drive-In, West of Drowned Devil's Crossing and East of Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel. It is the source of Signal Kilo Bravo and the location for the Bobblehead - Explosives.

The Bobblehead is actually located in a small sewer around the back of the structure, below the rockline, south of the building. It appears on the local map as the "Sealed Cistern". It is one of nine Drainage Chambers (or Sealed Cisterns) that can broadcast Morse code.

Sealed Cistern编辑

After going up the stairs to the WKML building, go to the Local Map, and place the cursor directly on the WKML Broadcast Station icon, the Sealed Cistern will be directly south, right at where the |_ _| are. It'll say "Drainage Gate to Sealed Cistern." You will need to drop down a level.

Inside is a very short passage with a desk. You will find the following:

Notable Loot编辑

There is no notable loot inside the station itself.

  • The Bobblehead - Explosives is inside a sealed cistern which can be hard to locate. There are three broadcast towers. When going up the stairs to the station, there is one just to the left of the stairs which is the middle one of the three. Go to the leftmost tower, which is left of the Radio Tower Complex. From this tower, head directly south-southwest and take a moderate fall to a lower level. The sealed cistern is on this same level, to the right. From here, the sealed cistern will also show up on your local map.
  • A Grognak the Barbarian comic is on a table in the makeshift shack just a hundred or so yards directly east-south east of the broadcast station. Easy to see the shack from the WKML Broadcast Station. (At the Silver Lining Drive-In)


  • Random Encounter location
  • Like all radio stations, if you turn the power on to the antenna, your Pip-Boy will detect the radio signal.
  • Named after previous Baltimore Rock Radio Station 98Rock's Morning Show Kirk, Mark and Lopez.


  • Do not take followers into the sealed cistern.
    • Dogmeat tends to block the exit.
    • Charon may die on exit for no reason, and may lose dialogue options.
    • Fawkes may block the exit. (X360, PC, possible others)
    • Clover stops following properly, she stays close to the entering/exiting doors you take until you change her combat style and distance settings a few times.
  • If Mel appears by the broadcast station and you talk him out of mugging you and he begins to flee the framerate will severly drop until you leave the hill on which the tower is located.
  • When fast traveling from Greener Pastures Disposal to WKML Broadcast Station your game might freeze/lockup, make sure you SAVE before fast traveling to this location.- -(PS3)