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Warrington Trainyard

Warrington Trainyard is located just West of Tenpenny Tower in the Southwest corner of the game map and is adjacent to Warrington Tunnels. It is inhabited by Ghouls, and Glowing One and/or Ghoul Reaver (after downloading Broken Steel) that (randomly ?) drops one of several Blue Pass cards. There is a persistent, but not great, source of radiation, but plenty of Rad-X and Rad Away to be found.

Of note is the Sniper Rifle (in very poor condition) and .308 rounds located in the elevated shack to the South. (The "shack" is a couple of metal, squarish tubes in an L shape. The easiest entrance to it is from outside the trainyard. Approaching from the East, go South around the fence and up the hill.)

The PC may have to go through here for the Tenpenny Tower (quest).

To the Northwest, just over the ridge, is a Dot's Diner building that appears, however, to have no notable loot of any kind. It is likely a random encounter location.


  • There is a Missile Launcher (very poor Condition), 2 Rad Away, 2 Grenade boxes, and a first aid kit on a broken walkway above the trains. To get there you must walk along the fence on the northern side, go up the slope and then jump onto the walkway. You will get some radiation.
  • You can find a few skeletons with purple robes on them, many people think these were the CoC (Children of the Cathedral).
  • In the middle is another L-shaped sniper shack with an Ammo box, first aid kit, 2 Rad-X, some Railway Spikes and poor condition Sniper Rifle.