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Wheaton Armory
Wheaton Armory loc

An old army armory, consisting of an underground bunker and a bombed out building across from the bunker. A number of Raiders have occupied the building and the Armory grounds, including a Raider leader armed with a Missile Launcher.

The bunker itself is quite radioactive, and contains a missile silo. Its payload must have been damaged in some way, irradiating the area. Other than the silo there is just a radio, a few lockers, some old computing equipment and a small armory guarded by a turret. Your radiation level can rise quite quickly while exploring if you are not careful you may end up dying of radiation poisoning. Be sure to pack some Rad Away, Rad-X, and a Radiation Suit.

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After the conclusion of The Waters of Life quest, an Enclave patrol (consisting of 2 Enclave soldiers) will usually appear at the north entrance to the Armory area. The Enclave soldiers will typically kill the Raider sentry, then hang out at the north gate instead of actually going into the Armory grounds to fight the rest of the Raiders. After killing everyone you can drag the bodies of the Enclave soldiers into the armory grounds, so that after 72 hours both the Enclave soldiers and the Raiders will respawn within line-of-sight of each other, prompting a large firefight between the two groups.

3 groups of Brotherhood Outcasts have been seen to launch a combined attack on the Armoury, from both gates at the same time, killing all the Raiders. (Xbox 360)

There is a shack, north of Wheaton Armory. If you have the Lawbringer Perk, this will become active as the Regulator HQ.

The radiation can get up to around 13 rads/sec at the bottom of the bunker with no Chems or radiation apparel.

There are also a few ammo caches outside of the armory.

Beside the Very Hard locked door at the end of the last hall is an accompanying Very Hard terminal. Strangely, this terminal is primarily black and white, unlike the normal all green terminals.