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關於that other Yao Guai den,參見Yao Guai Cave
Yao Guai Tunnels
Yao Guai Tunnels loc

The Yao Guai Tunnels are located due west of the Charnel House, and northwest of Smith Casey's Garage. The entrance is a chain-link fence door in a rocky outcrop. As the name suggests, the caves are inhabited by a large number of Yao Guai.


  • Having trouble finding this location? From the square furthest southwest on the map, head 5 squares north. It will be at the eastern edge of this square in the center.
  • Since all of the enemies here are animals, the Animal Friend perk will cause them to ignore you (though you can still kill them for experience.)
  • Unless you have the Animal Friend perk, have followers wait outside (especially Dogmeat, not Fawkes though because he is much stonger than the other followers), they tend to run off in the caves and die. (confirmed with Star Paladin Cross on PS3)
  • A note called "Yao Guai Den" can be found on a Wastelander's corpse stating they were building a settlement in the den and had blocked it off from the rest of the tunnels. However the location of several raider's bodies suggest the barrier was breached which may have accidently let the Yao Guai in.
  • If the player uses a Stealth Boy upon entering Yao Guai Tunnels then the Yao Guai will not detect you unless you have your light on or hit them. 3 Stealth Boys should be enough.
  • Without Stealth Boys, a good way to kill them if you have Shishkebab and the Pyromaniac perk: you can go into sneak mode and shoot the Yao Guai in the head with something as weak as a hunting rifle, then go into VATS when it attacks and hit the bear with the Shishkebab. There is a very high chance that this will kill the Yao Guai. An alternative method is to use either a Scoped .44 Magnum , or its unique counterpart the Blackhawk in VATS before you are detected (You should get 2 shots). They will typically go down in 2 shots if one is a sneak critical (small Guns around 50). 1 shot to head if higher in VATS undetected. This seems to be one of the better weapons against the Yao Guai that you are able to get rather early.
  • There is one deceased inhabitant called Nan
  • The legde where you can find a dead raider (near the exit from the Yao Guai Den in the Yao Guai Tunnels) can be accessed by stacking objects up. This can allow one to get into this entrance to the Den, skipping much of the level.
  • Near the Bobblehead of Sneak there is a Dead Settler. From the settler a note can be looted which tells the story of some settlers which took shelter in the Yao Guai Tunnels, thinking that is was safe from the Wasteland. Not knowing of the threat that lurked within (although apparently one knew but wasn't believed because the note says Nan told stories of "beasts" deeper in the cave), it appears that the settlers met their demise to the Yao Guai. She is located floating in the pool of water just right of it. if you do not see her right away walk into the pool of water, as she sometimes gets stuck on the bottom.
  • Since you will be fighting only Yao Guai in these tunnels you may want to use the Yao Guai Meat you take from them freely since it gives you a damage +10% upgrade and HP +12 to help take them down easier. Obviously you get one from every Yao Guai you kill so no need to hoard them if you need the extra kick in damage.

Notable Loot编辑

  • There is a Pre-War Book, Sensor Module, and Toy Car on the picnic table just as you enter the Tunnels, and a random weapon behind a pile of sandbags next to the picnic table, in the cabinet. Custom weapon parts on shelf further down and if you stay left more parts in a dead end.
  • After seeing the first Yao Guai run through the main intersection, shelves to the left have 3 Ammo Boxes (one locked - Very Easy), 3 Frag Mines, and other ammo.
  • There is a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum on a table near a radio, on the way to get the Bobblehead - Sneak (see below).
  • Floating in the pool of water next to the bobblehead is a settler's corpse containing the Yao Guai Den Note about setting up camp in the tunnels.
  • In the southern section of the Yao Guai Tunnels there is a Grognak the Barbarian book along with a dead Raider on a ledge directly in front of the entrance to the "Yao Guai Den."

Bobblehead Location编辑

To find the Bobblehead - Sneak, you will enter facing east, continue east until you have the choice go north or south - go north and follow this path around a pillar, now going south, past 3 ammo boxes by a table, to the den. Once inside the Den, walk straight ahead to the central pillar (not one in small room with all the skeletons. Keep going into large open area), and then head to the left. Immediately look for the natural stone ramp that leads along the eastern edge of the cavern, overlooking a crescent-shaped pool of water. At the base of the ramp (Directly behind pillar with dead wastelander in the hole up high) is a Metal Box with the bobblehead standing on top of it.

Watch out for bugs: you can get stuck in between rocks on the edges of the cave so save your game before exploring the edges.

Enclave Outpost编辑

After the quest "Waters of Life" you will find an Enclave camp directly east of this position. They usually are all dead, with clear signs of a struggle all around. They may have been studying the Yao Guai for ways to control them similar to the Enclave Deathclaws, or may have simply not known about the Yao Guai den when they set up the outpost. Also, a Vertibird has been known to land nearby (or other mini-encounter involving Enclave soldier(s) happen). The Enclave camp may not be around until you go into the caves and back out again (confirmed PC).

If you are lucky, you may come out of the Yao Guai tunnel to find a group of Enclave fighting 3 or 4 brotherhood outcasts. If you kill them all, you can get a fair amount of power armor as well as their weapons.

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